In the past couple days, there have been COVID-19 positive cases identified in our surrounding communities. This is a strong reminder that we all need to be doing our best to limit our contacts to those within our households.

At this point, no cases have been identified on reserve in Quatsino. As a precaution the Communicable Disease Emergency Response (CDER) Team and Chief and Council have endorsed moving to the “Red Phase” of our COVID response for the next 2 weeks. We will be monitoring the situation throughout this period and will provide an update on or before January 20, 2021.

This change in our level of readiness will act as a safety net for our community. Our culture teaches us that when something happens to our community, we are still. Now is the time to be still. While there have not been any cases identified on our reserve, there are cases that are in the surrounding area. We know that for various reasons, over the holidays there were some people who had additional contacts.

To protect our Quatsino membership, we feel that it is necessary to allow time and space to see if members develop symptoms and for people to get tested if they have symptoms. This is a precautionary measure to help ensure that we do not see a spike in cases.

What this means for the Quatsino Community:

  • K’ak’ot’lats’i School will be moving to an online delivery model starting Jan 7, 2021.
  • Daycare will be closed starting Jan 7, 2021.
  • Band Staff will be working remotely except for where necessary.

Please see the below PDF for the full announcement.

Download PDF: Covid Update Jan 6 2021

Download PDF: Covid Update Jan 6 2021

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