We, the Quatsino First Nation, proud descendants of the Gusgimukw who were placed on these lands by the Creator, have persevered throughout time by valuing our traditions and people and by continually exercising our inherent right to the lands and resources of our traditional territory. Through resilient leadership, consistent communication and working together we will empower our community to strive forward and succeed in reviving and rebuilding our unique language and culture, strengthening our governance structures and providing equitable services and opportunities that create a vibrant, healthy community that is self-governing, prosperous, supportive and carries our growing knowledge forward to future generations.


Our elected Chief and Council oversee the community as a whole, act as one voice speaking to government, industry, business partners, municipalities and our own community members.


We are committed to monitoring and maintaining the financial health of the Quatsino First Nation, our community members and our administrative departments.


Our Band Office Administration and Department Managers are here to answer your questions and direct your inquiries.


From newborn to Elder, the Quatsino Health Clinic is dedicated to taking care of our community.


Our programs aim to maintain and improve the social health, mental health and well-being of Quatsino First Nation community members.


Dedicated to creating revenue for Quatsino First Nation, aimed towards training, career development, community support initiatives and new revenue streams for our community.


Our young children, youth and adult learners deserve access to every learning opportunity. 


From Kindergarten to Grade 12, the K’ak’ot’tatsi School provides high quality education to our community youth.


Ax sila xa Gingananam is dedicated to the health, well-being and early education of our youngest community members.


Our territory is a part of our culture and our history. The Lands department aims to protect, preserve and utilize our traditional territory to benefit our Nation.


Quatsino First Nation encompasses over 400km of coastline. We work to build sustainable fisheries, quality monitoring programs and robust protections for our territorial waters.

Quatsino sign through trees

Our department is committed to sustainable stewardship of forested land within our traditional territory. We work with government, industry and other stakeholders to help our forests flourish for generations.

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