What We Do

Quatsino Economic Development is dedicated to the financial wellbeing and economic growth of our community. We work closely with the Band Administration to manage Quatsino businesses and investments. In addition to creating job and career opportunities for the Nation, our goal is to create new revenue streams to be utilized by Quatsino First Nation for training and community support initiatives.

As a 100% Quatsino First Nation owned company, we help manage and support marine and forestry initiatives, as well as various private businesses, all combining to generate economic gains for Quatsino First Nation. We work closely with the Lands department to help manage the Quatsino-owned wharf and Industrial Park.

We are interested in creating new opportunities and exploring new industry partnerships, particularly in the tourism. Local tourism has seen a major increase throughout Vancouver Island and British Columbia in recent times, and Quatsino First Nation is well-positioned to grow our economy in this industry.

Department Contacts

Quatsino First Nation

General Manager
Paul Yeoman


Administrative Assistant

Margaret Badger

250-949-8147 ext. 130

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