The Quatsino Fisheries department oversees management, training and access to our territorial waters and aquatic resources. We communicate regularly with Lands, Forestry, Referrals and Economic Development within the Band Administration. Our area of expertise includes research, environmental monitoring, conservation and management of QFN’s traditional territory. Check out of some of our current programs, as well as training and career opportunities.

What We Do

Traditional Foods

Our Fisheries Department is committed to food security and provides community access to traditional foods and training on harvesting methods. 

Capacity Building

Our Fisheries Department is continually building capacity in our Fisheries and Guardian Programs. We increase access to training, resources and mentorship. 

Research and Monitoring

We oversee research and monitoring initiatives across the territory. Some examples of the work we are involved in includes:

  • Marine biotoxin monitoring
  • Snorkel surveys
  • Patrolling of territorial waters 
  • Fish habitat assessments/resource inventories
  • Stock assessment
  • Climate change monitoring
  • Marine mammal monitoring
  • Habitat restoration
  • Co-management of Scott Islands Marine National Wildlife Area
  • Mapping


Partners and Agencies

We act as a mediate voice between the Band and bodies of government at the provincial and federal level. We communicate frequently and closely with government agencies including the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the Coast Guard, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, as well as private environmental monitoring companies.

Our Guardians watch over the land and waters of our traditional territory.

Fisheries Department

Graem Hall

Coastal Guardian Watchman

Mark Wallas

Coastal Guardian Watchman


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