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Many people who have mental health disorders consider their signs and symptoms a normal part of life or avoid treatment out of shame or fear. If you are concerned about your mental health, do not hesitate to seek advice. Consult your primary care doctor or make an appointment with a mental health professional. Contact the Quatsino Band office or Health Centre and ask to speak to a mental health professional.

If you are living on reserve, you need to call the Social Development Department at 250-949-6245 and make an intake appointment to assess eligibility. If you live off reserve you will need to start your intake online at

The governments of British Columbia and Canada have implemented support programs for residents who have lost their job or had their hours affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. More information here:

There are options depending on where you live. If you are on reserve contact the Social Development department at 250-949-6245 or Employment Readiness coordinator to assist you with resume and cover letters, job search, training for WHIMIS, Food safe, first aid etc. If you live off reserve you can contact or

Parents have a right to schedule a visit with a social worker once you have contacted a Band Representative to attend the visit. A Band Rep is a person who has knowledge of your rights and will ensure decisions are in the best interest of the children and family. A social worker will show up unannounced only if there are immediate child protection concerns.


Here is a link as a great resource for parents to understand the rights of their children as well as their rights as a parent:


Recognition and Reconciliation Protocol on First Nations child, youth and families:

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