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3rd June 2011
Rivers Calder
My name is Rivers Calder, i'm in grade 8 in Port Hardy Secondary School. My moms name is Cary-lee Calder. and my grandparents names are Eileen Nelson and the late Jerry Calder. Willie Walkus and Marlene Hanuse. my hobbies are, soccer, playing blacks ops. and hanging out with my friends.
My goal's in life are: to graduate from school, to get a good paying job. and be the best soccer player evvverrrr! I became part of the Youth Council because I wanted to help contribute to creating a better community for not only Youth but everyone. Some of our long term goals are to build a Youth centre , so that we have a place to call our own that we won't kicked out of and a place to just chill with friends, we also want to save to go on a trip next Spring break. I think that us as Youth are important and deserve to have our voices heard and to have our needs met. I believe that all of us on the Youth Council will work hard to make this happen.
I have 3 full brothers. Gerald, Sage and Corey. and 3 half sisters. that i take as my full. Amanda Andrew, Shannon Coon, & Brittney Hanuse.
I would like to invite any of the Chief and Council or any community members that are interested in coming out to help our Youth Council be more successful, you are welcome, our meetings are on Fridays at 2pm in the Health Clinic.