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1st September 2011
Cary-lee Calder
Quatsino Treaty Referendum
September 14, 2011
Quatsino Hall



At a meeting on May 3, 2011, members voted that Quatsino Treaty is to go to a referendum.

Background Information:

Quatsino First Nation has been in Stage 4 of the six stage BC Treaty process since 2008.

Stage 4 is called the Agreement in principle stage and will outline what Quatsino will get from Treaty, what Quatsino will have to give up, and how the Treaty will work.

The land selection component has been submitted as follows, and includes a total additional land increase of 4,819 hectares.

Based on Government’s formula, it is expected that Quatsino will receive approximately 17 million dollars at negotiation completion.

Quatsino has borrowed monies within the past 10 years to negotiate at the Treaty table. Last year’s audit shows that Quatsino First Nation holds a deficit of $ 2,342,785 for Treaty.

Each year Quatsino receives about $ 57,000 in FORGIVEABLE funds to negotiate.

In May 2011, our Treaty Negotiator recommended that the Nation borrow another $ 103,301.00 to continue in Treaty within this fiscal year.

Government Position:

At this time, the position of both the British Columbia and Canadian governments at the Treaty table involves the following six major points:

1. Governments want First Nations to give up Tax Exemption (this means that within 10 years of signing a treaty, Quatsino members will pay taxes

2. Own Source Revenue ( After a period of five years, Governments will “claw back” annual transfer funding depending on how much the First Nation receives in own source revenues)

3. Fee Simple lands (reserves will no longer have a special designation, thus will be under provincial jurisdiction, and we will have to pay taxes on lands)

4. All federal and provincial laws will apply on our lands

5. Governments will not negotiate Fisheries (all species) within the treaties

6. Governments want First Nations to modify aboriginal rights (fundamentally change our rights). Canadian courts recognize that we have constitutionally protected right based on prior occupation of traditional territories, however the nature, scope and content of these rights is left undefined.

At a general meeting on May 3, 2011, Quatsino members voted in favour of having a referendum on our Treaty.
It is very important that all members vote on this important issue, as it will have great significance to the future of our Nation. Please remember your children, grandchildren and all those yet unborn when you make your vote !
Please vote on one of the following three options:

1. Remove ourselves from the BC Treaty process

2. Continue on with negotiations ONLY with free funding

3. Borrow more money to continue with Negotiations.

Voting will take place at the Hall on September 14, 2011 from 8 a.m. through to 4 p.m.