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27th October 2011
Irene Paterson
Update from the Economic Development Corporation written by Irene Paterson

Its been an interesting month and one of my priorities is to keep the membership informed about what it is were doing. At this time there are five directors Bob Charlie and Ralph Wallas as membership reps, Dale Blackburn and Dave Schmidt as directors at large and Tom Nelson as council representative.

The biggest event this month was the separation of politics and business. The Chief and Council have signed a BCR allocating the business responsibilities to this office. In addition to this the businesses have been restructured to ensure that the profits made by the companies and income earned through the companies by individuals living on reserve remain tax exempt income. In order to ensure a clean line between politics and business the financial recordkeeping will also be transferred from the Band office to this office within the next month. I have issued an ad for a bookkeeping administrative assistant the ad can be viewed in the newsletter and on the website.

During the last three years the Board has been working on getting a Biomass project going at the Industrial site. Essentially biomass is energy from waste wood that would otherwise not be used. Part of that project was an application for $250,000 from Coast Sustainability Trust which was successful. The board is now considering which part of the whole project we can get implement quickly in order to ensure these funds are spent as intended. We are receiving a number of inquiries regarding the utilization of the Industrial site and foreshore. The board has placed a high priority on getting the site in working order in order to make money through business opportunities.

I have visited the Koprino shop and the Victoria Lake property which are two recent acquisitions. For clarification, its the buildings at Koprino and Victoria Lake, not the land that has been acquired. WFP owns the land at the Koprino shop and the government that owns the foreshore at Victoria Lake. The Koprino shops are rented out and the Board is considering various options for Victoria Lake.

We have a lot of work to do here and we dont intend to waste our time or your dollars. I intend to update the membership biweekly and will endeavor to ensure that progress is part of that update.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call, drop into the office or send me an email.

Thank you,

Irene Paterson, QFN Ec. Dev. Manager

Tel: 250-949-8147