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24th November 2011
Irene Paterson
Quatsino First Nation Planning 2010-2013
Portfolio Planning Brief
Economic Development

Strategic Context

The QFN Economic Development Corporation was developed to assist the Band in separating business opportunities from political and funding objectives. In separating these functions, there is a greater chance that any change to the positions of Chief and Council will not affect the negotiations and agreements with proponents in the territory. Another key reason to this decision was the desire to keep the tax exempt status of wages being paid to the members of the Quatsino First Nation. As well, by using the correct structure, the business income generated through the company’s would also flow back to the First Nation tax free. In order to do this a tax lawyer was retained and the new structure put in place.

In order to manage this separate entity, the Chief and Council agreed to have a Board of five directors, two QFN members, two non-members and one Council representative. The board can be as large as seven directors. A manager’s position was also established in order to provide a contact for the members and business opportunities, and ensure the businesses are run profitably so as to benefit the members.

Every two months the Chief and Council meet with the board directors to review opportunities and provide the vision with which to go forward.

Guiding Documents/Agents

The QFNEDC has the following policies and statements

1) Code of Ethics
2) Board of Directors and Administration policy
3) Governance policy
4) Human Resources policy
5) A Mission Statement
6) A Vision statement

Existing Initiatives

Quatsino Forestry Company Ltd.
• SAFE Certification
• Equipment Upgrade
• Large increase in production
• Deal with WFP for longer logging operations

Quattishe Forest Products Ltd.
• Cedar salvage operations – licenced for all of Jeune landing and most of Port McNeill District
• Small Forest Products Crew – now being administered through Mark Hunt’s business

Industrial Park
• Current tenants
o Western Copper (NorIsle Copper and Gold Inc)– plans to do more exploration

Fisheries and Aquaculture
• Currently, pacific oysters in production at Atkins cove – potential sales immediately.

Knob Hill Windpower Project
• IBA signed
• Jobs and training a priority
• Numerous opportunities
• Lots of subcontrators
• Employment
• Potential Contracting/business

Existing Plans

Industrial Park
Business development to allow offloading of windmill parts for staging and storage
Offloading of smolts from truck to boat – Marine Harvest

Fisheries and Aquaculture

• Number of potential opportunities in commercial fishing and aquaculture
• Expansion of existing site operations
• Expansion into other species
• Scallops, mussels, urchins, clams
• Development of Golden Mussel Co-op
• Coal Harbour wharf – develop offloading business to provide full-time jobs – Marine Harvest offloading/sardine offloading