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12th January 2012
Cary-lee Calder
Garnet Johnson
What this course means to me.

This course mean alot to me. Dusty was a great instructor, he knew how to relate his stories to what we were learning in class during that day. I learned a lot from safety week taught to us through Dusty and Traumatech. I would
recommend these courses to anyone who wants to learn.

JC Hunt
What this course means to me
I have earned many certificates for different things that will benefit me in the future and will help my life get improve in the long run. If I pass this course it will help me support my baby on the way, I should have my HEO certificate by the time he or she is born. I will be able to save money and earn enough to take good care of my family. So this course means alot to me. I think it was offered at the perfect time for me.

Georgia Hunt
What this course mean to me
I think this program is a golden opportunity. I am very happy and grateful to be a part of it. I feel good about myself and feel that my life is on the right path to success.
I am 110% committed to this program and once again I am very happy to be here.

Walt Nelson
This course that I am taking is great! I am appreciative for taking it. This course will further my goal to learn and build on my present skills. The more knowledge the better, I think. I am enjoying the courses that I am currently taking, it's a challenge, I hope that I can succeed at it. This is a great opportunity for me and my family and I will work hard to be successful.

Randell Robinson
Why this course is good for me
I think this course will open alot of doors for me. I am not done yet, but I plan on finishing it in the near future. This course will strengthen and assist me in getting into what I want to do, I want to get into mining.
I appreciate getting into these courses, Thank you for accepting me.

Steven Nelson
What I'm getting out of this course
I am getting all of my tickets that I need from taking this course. Most companies would like you to be ticketed before they will hire you. This will open up so many more opportunities for myself because I will be certified. When I finish this course and I have all of my certificates it should be easier to find better employment.

Kara Nelson
What this program means to me
The program means taking the next step into greater and better opportunities, that will open doors to a career and not just a low paying job. It means bettering not only my life but my family as well, setting a great example, to push for what you want, you can achieve, never give up.
A career means I can provide for my families wants and needs.
This is the greatest opportunity I was able to take and I very much appreciate that I am able to participate and work towards a brighter future for myself and my family.