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13th January 2012
Cary-lee Calder
Robert Dixon-Leo
At age 13 I made the worst decision of my life and dropped out of school. I stayed home and became an online gamer drop out. After two years of pawning Alliance ( Enemy Faction in the World of Warcraft) I wanted more than this for myself and my family. So around 15 I went back to school and earned my dogwood at 19, giving me the option for adult grad.
After Graduating one of my teachers hooked me up with a job at one of the docks in Port Hardy. I liked this work, most of all thus far in my life. I was outside, stationary and the job wasn't too physically demanding. The smell outside at this job wasn't too good and the pay was low. I never had enough work hours to make a payday good. After 2 summers I realized I couldn't do this forever, so I looked into other opportunities. After a few weeks of looking I entered into a course that taught me how to document and measure CMT's CMT's are CUlturally Modified Trees. Which bare marks left from my ancestors, cultural harvesting of different trees, 90% of the time Cedar trees. This job involved alot of hiking, I was always moving and very seldom stationary. During this job I was fed well and I thought I was getting paid pretty good. A CMT worker typically makes $300.00 a day plus $50.00 predium. For a year or two aafter my training I was still only making $200.00 a day plus my predium. After many questions and false answers, I didn't get my wage increase. After a year of working underpaid, compared to my co-workers, I had enoughof that. So I quit, kept my eye out for another course or job opportunity to take advantage of and fly at. A few months passed and I got an offer to do a Forestry Management and Occupational Skills course, As I learned over the years I enjoyed learning more than working deadend labour jobs, so I joined the course.
By this time in my life I was making a name for myself and started to be recognized for my skill set and work ethic. I received a call from Strategic, my starting wage was $15 per hour and I worked here from May- Nov. 2011. Strategic is a great company, I had great co-workers and as well I enjoyed working independently and outside. This was a pay cheque to pay cheque job. I want a career, than I heard about the Heavy Equipment Operator Training course and here I am. All of the courses that I have taken have improved my personal quality of life. I want to be successful at this course for not only myself but to help out my family financially and to walk a better path in life.