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13th January 2012
Cary-lee Calder

Challenges For Governance

- Council are not properly trained or educated to fulfill positions
- Unclear roles and responsibilities
- Orientation criteria not visual to community and not communicated
- Council not updating their webpage for community members
- When is the Gas station going to be built!!!!
- Build a Big house and a Church at the same time!
- Build a daycare!
- Parenting programs
- Lack of communication from Council x2
- No one knows what it is Council is doing, when going to meetings how is this benefiting the community?
- Lack of jobs and training for community members x2
- Lack of communication regarding processes and protocols that are followed, lack of understanding as a result of this
- Chief and Council do not communicate what the councils yearly goals are
- Nothing is measurable
- Lack of consistency
- Lack of accountability by Council
- Not enough support for elders and youth programmingx2
- Not enough traditional activities
- Not enough health and wellness programs
- Never attend any CCP meetings or even General Band meetings
- Chief and council do not participate enough in community activities
- Not enough support in traditional fishing and hunting
- No bighouse still!
- Lack of education in our own traditional foods and medicine, we donít know our history and those that do donít share or arenít utilized
- Losing our language, does council care?
- Opportunities for band and community members are not equal
- Lack of community connection programs
- Lack of artisits to teach
- No cultural and elders, community nights
- Council does not listen to the people
- Council members attack eachother

Solutions in Governance
- Communicate regularly on website
- Post policies and procedures on website so membership understand
- Distribute finance charts to membership
- Report on trips to meetings before and after
- Share what each council members goals are at the beginning of term and then quarterly reports by council so that success can be measured
- Post hierarcy chart
- Have an openhouse at the hall on regular basis so that council can share their roles and responsibilities and what progress has been made
- Council should work as a team, this should be apparent
- Listen to the peoples needs and share how the needs will be addressed
- Council should explain duties of their positions, what their individual goals are and what the collective goals are of the council
- There should also be an administration openhouse, where each staff can share their role and responsibilities and what each departments goals are for the year
- The connection between council and staff should be explained and closer, work as a team to address the needs in the community
- Council should take governance training, conflict solution training
- More accountability by council
- More education and training for council
- Council should gather a clear list of needs in community and come up with a yearly plan to address the need