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13th January 2012
Cary-lee Calder
Outputs Housing Workshop
- Equitable Processes
- No communication from Chief and Council about if they have goals for housing in mind for community in the future
- Too many trees around community, this creates unsafe areas for children
- Housing is always a shady subject, not enough communication
- Reward/penalty for general band meetings, Council have not been in attendance
- Meetings become too personal, focus on bigger tasks at hand
- No follow through with community wishes, regarding housing policy
- Not enough updates or evaluations or end term reports
- There has been no communication regarding what policies, terms of reference or processes that the housing committee follows
- Is there a set term for a housing committee member?
- When is there a turnover in the housing committee seats?
- What power does the housing committee have?
- What is the structure and process the Housing Manager has to follow regarding community issues?
- Family meet with Fundemental Financial
- Need more community members to be trained in all aspects of housing
- See if community is eligible for financial solutions with Bank for loan
- Community members need to work to pay for own house mortgage
- If bank connot assit with loans for individuals, will the housing department assist?
- Many owned and CMHC houses need renovations
- Property areas have too much garbage and debris
- Vandalism on property and in homes
- Lack of housing safety
- Tenants not honoring rental agreements
- Housing manager and tenant should understand when a rental adjustment is allowed
- Community members need training on milling wood and carpentry
- Landscape training
- Lack of housing maintenance
- No fences around yards
- Better contracts on housing
- 30 day notice if late on rent unless not working
- Funding for elders housing maintenance
- People who damage apartment and house rentals should be liable for damages
- Old and shady contractors do the work on our community homes, previously built houses built to fail, not built properly
- Community members have a lack of understanding about how credit works
- Lack of employment in the north island negatively affects housing and living standards
- Not enough capacity within the community to meet the needs in housing department
- Funding to fix older housing and owned homes
- Fixing the pipelines on reserve, sewage, water ect.
- Lack of proper drainage in community
- Having to have a family to get a home should not be a requirement
- Older homes not built properly, flaws in the design and now are falling apart
- No woodstoves in newer homes, this increases cost to heat
- When repairs are needed, get them addressed more quickly
- More renovations on homes that need it
- Find new ways to get funding to address the needs in the community

Housing Solutions
- Offer ITA certification training in construction, electrician
- Train our people to build our own homes
- Start a mill to mill our own wood from our own logging business,