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16th February 2012
Casey Larochelle

Hello everyone,

I’m writing a brief update below on what I know right now about the Wind Farm. Next week’s article should have more details as there’s a key meeting with the wind farm company later on this week.

Nawhitti Road Construction Started:

A company called C&E Roadbuilders is starting to build the 14.6 km road. I am talking with Nadine Weldon, who’s been designated by C&E concerning accepting resumes from members of the 3 Nations (which includes Kwakiutl Band Council) interested in employment. Her email is and her telephone number is (250) 956-3123 if anyone wishes to contact her directly for jobs. I’m still learning what those job opportunities are and will try to post them on the bulletin board at the band office. As I mentioned in past updates, I encourage those seeking work to check the bulletin board a few times per week and to apply directly for advertised jobs. In some instances when I have signed permission, I’m also forwarding resumes of members to Nadine and other companies as well. When I do this, I will let the member know that their resume has been shared. The preferred way, though, is for members to apply on their own for jobs.

CURRENT JOBS: At this point the company is working on the forestry service road upgrade and they will need workers in the following areas: 1 First Aid (OFA Level 3, part-time); rock truck driver (Class 5 needed/clean driving record); cat operator; driller/blaster; and swamper (driller/blaster assistant). Once they proceed with new road construction, they’ll let me know about other jobs.


My most current information is that the permits needed from the BC Government haven’t been given yet to allow construction of the wind farm—they will come, but it is taking some time (perhaps in March but no confirmed timeline). Once I know more I’ll provide an update

For those who’ve sent in a resume or would like to submit a resume for work with the wind farm,
Please contact:

Quatsino members call: Cary-lee Calder at 250-949-6245 ext:28 email me at:

For Kwakiutl members and Tlatlasikwala members call Casey Larochelle at 250-230-0712 or email at

Ideally, I’d like a signed consent form to share your resume with companies involved with the building or operation of the wind farm (or for education and training access). If you know anyone who’s sent in a resume and hasn’t come and met me, I’d encourage you to ask them to contact me. There’s been a lot of changes in peoples’ telephone and cell phone numbers which makes it hard to contact them also.
Please don’t hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions or would like any help with your resume or an update on where things are with the wind farm.

Casey Larochelle
Comment by Patricia on 29th March 2012
You stated the Roads are being built....when will they need flaggers ? we have certified flaggers :) when you need them that is....