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25th May 2012
Cary-lee Calder
I am very grateful for the support from membership.
My new position as QFN council member has been a very enjoyable and interesting time for me. As your newly elected Council member I would like to share with you that I am very happy and excited to be working for our Nationís best interests.

Since the election I have spent much of my time familiarizing myself with the current structures that exist within our Nation. I think it is important that as a council member I have a full and accurate understanding and knowledge of where our Nation is at in every aspect, so that as part of the council team I am better able to represent our community's best intrests both internally and externally.

It has helped that I have worked as a staff member and have acquired some knowledge and understanding of what the needs are within our community from the previous planning and development of the CCP.

I appreciate that not all QFN membership had the opportunity to participate in previous workshops. For my role as a Council representative, it would be helpful to hear what your perspective is on areas that interest you, what forms of communication work for you, it is very important to me that all members are well informed and are being heard. Any ideas, questions or suggestions that you may have are welcomed.

I have also spent time reviewing the great work done by our previous leaders in order to continue with the momentum that has already been established. I would like to acknowledge and thank the previous leadership for all of their hard work and determination in creating a better community. Gilakas`la to all.

I am looking forward to working with Rob Cahill, Richard Nelson, Percy Nelson and Chief Tom on our new Journey together as the QFN Council.

Some of the goals that we have shared so far are to have consistent communication with the membership, building capacity within our Nation, creating more jobs, training and educational opportunities, building up our Youth and Elders Programming as well as making sure we are all staying current and continually developing our skills and capacity to better represent our Nation.

I believe that together we can build a bright future for our children and grandchildren!

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas that you would like to share, please give me a call at the office 250-949-6245 ext:28 or send me an email


Cary-lee Calder, QFN Council