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5th September 2012
Cary-lee Calder

Council Member: Cary-lee Calder
Portfolio: Lands and Resources

Title of Meeting
Aboriginal Aquaculture Engagement Initiative Tier Two- Aug.16, 2012 Vancouver BC
Hosted by: First Nations Fisheries Council and Aboriginal Aquaculture Association

This is a 3 Tier process

Tier 1- dialogue between First Nations ( Wilma Mack was in attendance)
Tier 2- dialogue between First Nations and other levels of government (myself)
Tier 3 - First Nations and a broader range of nongovernmental interest groups or stakeholders in a particular subject area.


The presenters included:

DFO (Department Of Fisheries and Oceans) representative, gave opening remarks

A little information on DFO for reader information:

DFO has the lead role in managing Canadian fisheries and has the responsibility of safeguarding the waters. The Canadian Coast Guard is operating agency under DFO jurisdiction.
The guiding legislative documents for DFO are:

The oceans act
The Fisheries act
The Species at risk act

DFO has the responsibility of monitoring and managing Aboriginal fisheries in Canada

For more information on DFO go to

FNFC (First Nations Fisheries Council)

A little background info for reader information:

In 2007 First Nations Leadership council published the BC First Nations Fisheries Action Plan one of the priorities in the fisheries action plan was to establish the First Nations fisheries council - a province wide organization that reflects the interests of Nations across BC.
The council structure is comprised of 14 regional delegates. The mandate was ratified in 2009 and endorsed by :
BC Assembly of First Nations, Union of BC Indian Chiefs, First Nations Summit.
For more information go to:

AAA (Aboriginal Aquaculture Association)

AAA was established in 2003 as a federally incorporated company representing a cross section of aboriginal leaders in British Columbia
The AAA is an organization designed to support and facilitate meaningful participation to First Nations in sustainable aquaculture development.
For more info go to:

The purpose of this 3 tier meeting process is to hold regular sessions for First Nations C&C and Fisheries Managers to discuss with each other, DFO, the Provincial and Federal Governments what the challenges are within each of our Nations on topics such as funding issues, impact on our rights to our territory within the Treaty process, the provincial, federal governments and DFO’s permitting restrictions and how they directly impact our right to economic benefits within the Aquaculture sector and finally to begin strategic planning development within our Nations which will then be a part of a larger and more strategic Provincial plan.

The ultimate Goal of all of this planning is to: Advance Aboriginal Economic Development in the Aquaculture sector.
There is a copy of the power point presentation at Tara’s desk,, for your review