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5th November 2012
Melinda Sheard
3 day event – Topics November 13-15, 2012

Day one: Understanding Lateral Violence
Day two and three: Healing Our Spirit Through Laughter and Play

Understanding Lateral Violence ( A professional Development Day
This workshop will focus on the signs of ‘Lateral Violence’. We will take a look at what that term means, the techniques used to hold it in place, information used to justify Lateral Violence, and how it can be shifted/stopped in organizations, the community in the workplace and on a personal level.
When we are at peace with self, and feel more joy the Lateral Violence will end. It all begins with personal change.
This workshop is not about pointing a finger or blame it is only to discover anything within our own behaviors and thoughts that might be contributing to the harm that happens. It is a day to gain insight on how to create more joy within and remove the enemy image from those around us.

Healing Our Spirit through Laughter and Play

In this workshop we will play, we will talk and discuss the joy of living a life of play and laughter, tools and insights will be offered. Exercises to explore self to discover ones level of happiness. Lots of laughter will take place during this day of play and growth through joyful exercises. Team work will take place and positive connection through the exercises given.