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18th February 2011
WindFarm Training
Additional Information

We have been getting a number of questions about the Seabreeze project what is happening, what kind of training is involved, what kind of jobs there are, when they are going to happen etc.
So, here is a little more information on the project and what is happening.

As part of the Impacts and Benefits agreement, there have been a number of jobs and training opportunities negotiated. The company (IPC) has committed to having as many members from the 3 Nations (Quatsino, Kwakiutl and Tlatlasikwala) employed and trained as is possible. Estimates of the available jobs are in the 300 people range, so there will be a lot of jobs available. Some of these are highly technical jobs that will involve outside contractors, but there will still be a large number of jobs available. The project is expected to last for 1.5 2 years. Some jobs and training may be longer term.

Right now, we do not have a full list of what kind of jobs may be involved in this project. However, this is a list of POTENTIAL jobs:

- Heavy equipment operators - Secretaries/office workers
- Cooks, helpers, cleaners - Chambermaid/janitors
- Flaggers/traffic direction - Delivery people (food/supplies)
- Carpenters/carpenters helpers - Water/wastewater management

These are just a few examples of the jobs that may be available. We should have a more comprehensive list shortly and it will be posted when it becomes available.

We are working with a number of different organizations for training in as many areas as possible. So, while past experience and training are a benefit, it is not the end of the world if you do not have either. There are also potential opportunities for those that have small businesses or are looking to start small businesses related to work around this project. For example, if you have a catering company, there is potential to provide catering services for the project.

What we are looking for from you is your interest and willingness to participate. We need to know as much information as you can provide about your experience, education, certifications (ie tickets), interests and what particular area of work you would be interested in. So, if you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please submit a detailed resume and cover letter to Dave Schmidt outlining your experience, education, certifications and the area of work that you would be looking for. For those that have already submitted resumes, if you have any additional information you would like to include, please feel free to do so at any time.

Please send your letter and resume Attn: Dave Schmidt, Knob Hill Windfarm, 305 Quattishe Road, Coal Harbour BC V0N 1K0 Fax:(250) 949-6249; Email: While there is no official deadline for this, we hope to start screening applications sometime in early March.