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11th March 2011
reg seaweed
Hello Quatsino People,
Sorry again for taking so long to write this but have been waiting for this last meeting on Governance to happen for this Fiscal year. These are important meetings in that we have input as to how our Government is made up and how it is run.
The TRM (Treaty Related Measures)funding will be able to be given again this year so more people will be able to have their input into it. Someone will be going to your homes if you wish, to explain this more and to get your ideas. We can do this before we complete a Treaty but right now it is set up to work along side completing a treaty.
I'm thankful for those that attended the three meetings and the people which brought us the information, very well done.
As for the negotiations at the Table?
They are still slow and may get slower as the Governments are having a problem as to who will handle the what portion of the bill for the Land Survey.
This is something we have been waiting for, for a couple of years now, along with a cash offer. We are progressing well on the wording in the Chapters of the Treaty, and could be close to a presentable package for you by the end of the 2011 year or early 2012 .
The funding is sort of in the air ,as Loan Payments become due this year for the majority of all First Nation, ours included . We have put forward one option that if a F.N. doesn't reach a Treaty , the loan be forgiven , but it be repaid if it is completed .I was hoping we would be able to receive the forgivable portion as we did last year to keep in touch with what is happening with the other F.N. s in Treaty Negotiations . This was not as it turned out to be enough funding , but i did not want to go to the People for more funding in such a slow process .
When and if we complete this stage four , we will be committed to finalizing a Treaty and to paying the interest on the Loan .
The Federal Government is trying to change this loop hole and is slowing down the funding arrangement for this Fiscal year .If there is new wording in the new Loan Funding , we may not be able to receive even the forgivable portion. So far it's been balancing act to go in the right direction . There is also going to be a Provincial Election and probably a Federal Election these also slow down negotiations ,as we do not know if they will be in favour finishing fair and honourable treaties . Plus there are new Ministers who have to get up to speed on what is happening .
I am trying to get more funding to keep the Constitution meetings going and may receive it around May or June.
This brings us up to where we are in Treaty , but things can change . I Will keep you posted on this site and in the news letter.

Thank you,