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1st February 2011
Community Check-Up and Visioning
January 2011 – March 2011

In early November 2010, Chief and Council of the Quatsino First Nation endorsed a Band Council Resolution supporting a budget and work plan to execute a community driven planning process by March 31, 2011 that will deliver, “An enhanced QFN Vision Statement, including overarching goals and guiding principles.”
As the foundation of how community planning is executed, a robust and community endorsed Vision Statement, supported by Guiding Principles, is critical to the successful development of a Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP).

The process to enhance the QFN Vision Statement, develop guiding principles and achieve community endorsement is comprised of 2 processes:
1. Community Check-Up online survey – January 24 – February 18
2. Community Visioning Workshop Series – March 2011

The Community Check-Up asks participants 61 questions that reveal community strengths and weaknesses in 7 key areas. The Check-Up also asks participants to provide:
• three words to describe their community
• three strengths of their community
• directions for improving the community.

The Community-Check will provide input for the Community Visioning Workshop Series, where the community will review and consider the Check-Up results before moving into the Visioning phase of the workshop. Here, the community will review/enhance the QFN Vision Statement and develop QFN Guiding Principles.

The Community Visioning Workshops will occur on the 3rd, 4th and 24th of March. For additional information, please also see the PowerPoint presentation: QFN Community Check-Up and Visioning January – March 2011.

The QFN CCP is a community based, community driven process that requires your support and input. To take the Community Check-Up survey please visit:

survey click here or contact Cary-lee Calder, QFN CCP Manager via phone: 250-949-6245 or email: