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27th April 2011
Caitlin Hartnett
Traditionally we had many, many words and ways of treating our children to
affirm our belief that they are our sacred gifts. This experiential workshop which has been inspired by Jann Derrick’s teachings of the Circle and the Box, and many elder’s teachings, will help us to understand traditional Aboriginal ways and values. We will explore our personal role in supporting the revival of those values, used for thousands of years, that worked so beautifully. We will explore, in-depth, the affects of residential schools and Canada’s policy of Assimilation. This workshop is geared to solutions rather than recrimination and is a great forum in which to ask questions.

Kathi Camilleri is an Aboriginal woman who has worked coordinating healing programs in the Aboriginal Community for 14 years. She is presently pursuing a Master's Degree through Royal Roads University, works with Aboriginal mental health and has consulting business. Kathi facilitates experiential workshops regarding Canada' policy of Assimilation and colonization with social workers, foster parents, health care workers, church communities, students and frontline workers and communities in healing, across Canada to rave reviews. Participants who choose to come to these , often emotion-provoking workshop-experiences, comment that they understood a bit about the issue on a cognitive level, but after participation in Building Bridges through Understanding the Village, they understand on a deep emotional level as well. The workshop is done from a non-blame and non-shame perspective and invites all participants to become a part of the healing that IS happening.
One participant said of Kathi "It is easy to learn from Kathi because of her
gentle ways and her respect for all people."

Note: Participants need to understand in advance, that we will be addressing residential school and its effects in an in-depth way . Participation may trigger unresolved grief and loss issues for some. Due to the sensitive nature of this workshop, there will be both elders and other counselors on site for support. It is important that participants know that coming to the workshop is not mandatory. Coming to the workshop is the participant's choice.

Please register by May 2 by emailing or calling Caitlin Hartnett.

This workshop is free of charge


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